Frequently Answered Questions


When can I register my son/daughter for the upcoming season?

Registration is open now!  Just go to the home page and click on "Click Here to Register".  This will take you directly to our registration system.


How do I know which team to register my son/daughter for?

When you enter your child's date of birth, it will provide only those teams your child is eligible for, based on his/her age.  In some cases there may be two choices - in this situation we would typically keep your child on the lowest level possible. 


When are practices?

The practice schedule will be finalized once we get closer to the beginning of the season, we begin on Monday, July 22nd.  Tackle practices are typically Tuesday - Friday from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm until the first game is played.  Hours of practice will decrease as the days become shorter.  Flag practice will follow a similar schedule, cheerleaders practice times will be similar as well, but the days will vary based on the team.  All football and cheer practices are held at The Warren Community Center for the first few weeks. After that we move to Butcher Park where we will be for the remainder of the season. Any changes to practice locations and times will be communicated in advance to all parents/guardians in advance. 


What equipment will I need to provide for my son/daughter?

The Jets will provide most of the equipment your football player and/or cheerleader will need, but you will need to provide:


  • A protective cup
  • Football cleats (MUST be rubber or plastic bottoms - NO metal spikes are allowed)
  • Water for you child at every practice and game
  • Integrated Football girdle (tackle players only) with pads built in for practices only. Game pants have pads built in. 


Cheerleaders will need:

  • Comfortable clothing for practice
  • Water for practices and games


When are games, and how many games will we play?

Game are played on Saturdays and Sundays, depending on the home team. Jet home games are played on Saturdays at Warren Community Center.  We play eight regular season games, and at least one playoff game.  Home Flag games usually begin at 10:00 am, Freshmen at 12:00 am, JV at 2:00 pm and Varsity at 4:00 pm.  This can change periodically based on field availability.


How long is the season, and when does it end?

The season will begin around the end of July and run through the end of October.  Playoff games can sometimes run through the first weekend of November depending on how the schedule falls, and our team banquet is typically the first week of December.


Do I need to volunteer?

Yes.  The Jets are a volunteer based organization and we need everyone to help.  Each family is asked to volunteer at least 3 times during the season at our home games.  These are fun jobs, and in many cases allow you to be closer to the action!  We will send out additional information about volunteer opportunities once practices begin, and the Volunteer Coordinator will put together a schedule. We will use signup genius to manage events.


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